I can only say this: I never blamed my mistakes on my own pet.  Of course, we also didn’t have a cat growing up so… can’t say for sure I wouldn’t have TRIED to blame them.

A few weeks ago I mentioned seeing a Pileated Woodpecker at the Science Center in Norwell.  I said I would post a pic - so here it is:


Also, if you click on the image it will bring you to the SSSC blog where they mention that the woodpecker has been spotted for a few years now - and that this was the third spotting this year!  Pretty exciting stuff for a birder like myself!

this week

Hope all the Mothers out there enjoyed their day this past Sunday! As you can tell by the inactivity on this site I had have non-stop stories to tell! I was all over the map last week going from Walpole to Falmouth - then to Bridgewater and to Dartmouth! Like I said, I was all over the place! I did enjoy a bit of down time this weekend, mostly spent with my family as we enjoyed the beautiful weather we were having. Even more so, I was out birding almost every day and catching a peek at all the summer birds returning from their winter homes.

Now that I have a moment to spend in my office, here is a peek at what is happening this week:

This week’s schedule:

  • Monday: Bright Horizons @ 10:00/10:30am
  • Wednesday:  CNK @ 10:00am & 1:00pm
  • Thursday: CNK @ 10:00am
  • Friday: Wachusett Community College Child Care @ 10:00am
  • Friday: Triumph Head Start @ 2:00pm

Please check the Upcoming Shows page for more information on all of these shows.

Places I will be visiting this week:

  1. Bedford, NH
  2. Pembroke
  3. Gardner
  4. Taunton

this week

I am not sure how anything can top last week!  While telling stories in Norwell at the Science Center I spotted a pileated woodpecker - one of the largest woodpeckers has to offer!  I will post pics later, but I also saw Age of Ultron and thought it was incredible!  The whole family then took a trip to NJ to visit family and for me to have a chance to work at Zapp Comics for one of my best friends in the world during Free Comic Book Day.  If that weren’t enough I met Mike Mills of R.E.M. (Check pic of the week this week!) on the way home!  It was too much to handle!

But, it’s back to work now - and I have a few schools to visit this week!

Here is this week’s schedule:

  • Wednesday: The Learning Ladder @ 10:00am
  • Thursday: Lil’ Munchkins Preschool @ 10:00am & 10:30am
  • Thursday: Wooded Acres Preschool @ 10:00am

Please check the Upcoming Shows page for more information on all of these shows.

Places I will be visiting this week:

  1. Hanover
  2. Scituate
  3. Kingston

mike mills

I know the week just begun but I doubt anything else will top this - I just met Mike Mills at a rest stop in Conn!  Mike Mills was part of the amazingly talented band R.E.M. (they retired in 2012) a band that I have always been a huge fan of.  In fact, this past week I was at Zapp Comics in NJ and saw the R.E.M. figures that the Simpsons just released.  Out of all the coincidences in the world - Mike Mills came to the exact rest stop my family decided to eat lunch at!  I was amazed and humbled to meet a man whose songs I’ve idolized for SO many years!  He ever signed my Mike Mills figure as seen below:

mike mills 2

What a way to start the week!


Including the summer dates now - with people calling everyday the dates are filling fast! Call today if you’d like to book a show - (508) 641-5336

this week

Kids are headed back to school today and I am hanging out with the littest one here at home.  Antone and I are enjoying a lazy Monday at home!  I am going to the Science Center this week in Norwell and it’s one of the many schools I visit annually.  I also get a special treat of entertaining the children that head to Carver’s Kindergarten this fall!  Alexandra attended this event last year - and now we get to see the new crop of students as Lex heads to the first grade!

And, let’s get real here: Avengers 2 comes out Friday! How can anyone think of anything else?  Avengers: Age of Ultron is out this week!

Here is this week’s schedule:

  • Wednesday: Science Center Preschool @ 10:00am
  • Thursday: Science Center Preschool @ 10:00am & 1:00pm
  • Thursday: Carver Elementary School @ 6:00pm

Please check the Upcoming Shows page for more information on all of these shows.

Places I will be visiting this week:

  1. Norwell
  2. Carver


Having the opportunity to tell some stories from my teaching days and giving some tips to teachers to try to make their days more enjoyable with their children is the best way to spend a Monday ever!

Boy, that’s a long sentence!

poppin pebbles

Earlier I mentioned I can make cereal - well, I found this earlier this week and thought I has stumbled into heaven.  It’s like pop rocks… for BREAKFAST!  Best. Thing. Ever.


So happy to be returning to the Ventress Memorial Library today at 1:00pm.  I hope to see familiar faces and new ones as well!  Make sure you come up to me at the end of the show and say Tucker’s famous phrase “What’s that?  What’s it do?” and you will get an extra surprise!

Click on the pic for more information.

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